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Visit Science&Motion at the 2015 PGA Show Orlando (Jan 21-23)
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PGA Show 2015

Science&Motion - innovative golf technology

Together with international PGA Tour Pros the scientists of Science&Motion have developed world wide unique analysis and training systems: SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab.

The SAM PuttLab gives golfers a scientifically precise feedback on all relevant parameters of their putting stroke. For the first time SAM PuttLab allows an individual and sensationally efficient putt-training with ascertainable success.

SAM PuttLab Wireless - the latest innovation of Science&Motion Sports

Science&Motion Sports introduces the brand new SAM PuttLab Wireless.

Using state of the art technology, the new wireless sensor triplet now integrates all electronics and a micro battery in its housing. No more cable and belt clip are needed. The wireless version allows more freedom of movement while working with the PuttLab. It is convenient, accurate and exceptionally easy to use.

The wireless sensor triplet also uses the "flex clip" technology for quick and easy putter changes. Changes from one putter to the next are easy, you just "snap" the triplet to the shaft and you are ready to go. Ideal for group training, putter testing or putter fitting!

Click here to go to the PuttLab product page...

SAM PuttLab 5 rated as Top new feature at the 2015 PGA Show



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